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Drunkard Does Make Wise Remarks

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Redone, cause the stuff i wrote previously was a piece of crap...

Who am I? My name is (insert name here), age 17 as of this update, unable to drink alcohol, go clubbing, drive till im 23. Illegal things i have done, loaded music, games, videos, drank, drive!

Okay okay onto the bio...sheesh..Pretty much just hanging out i guess, slacking at home, watching tv, crying over my recently departed ps2, praising my DS, reading manga, when im not lazy to load, anime, GUNPLA!!! collecting figures, er...BUYING CLOTHES AND SHIT!!

I have a band, we are called retarded paper bag monkeys, i play guitar, my friend has spasms, and my other friend plays the electric recorder....okay no...the point is that i can play guitar, its the only instrument i remember, i used to do piano, but thats over now

Erm...i admit i have a bad temper, im quick to anger, i have two retraining orders and a TONNN of criminal offences....im also a born liar!!

Im pretty much calm, until you tick me off, then im violent...very...violent ahahhahaha...
it takes ALOT to piss me off...like..constantly getting in my face? then id just scold you, do it again, and i hit you...do it AGAIN, and id take out my chain...yes...from 2 years back...i finally got to getting a chain, yes, i do wash it XDDDD

so far i havent gotten to using it cause ppl generally back off, or i ignore them as pathetic beings...whichever came first XD other than that, im nice to all my other friends who are worth it, and downright nasty to those who arent

i like reading books, as of recently more serious, darker things, none of that...pink fairy...flying around castles in glitter...thing...yuck...hahahaha, a bit of humour is fine..but no damn cute things in books...cute things like..teddy bears and that stuffed toy condom my friends wanna get me is fine, but not...not in books!!! PLEASE NOT IN BOOKS I BEG YOU

yep i do game, but not as much now, im pretty busy, either with work, or with friends and stuff, chat chat chat, play play play, its the life XDD

er...i dont like humid weather, i like cold weather, alot, i like music, alot, all kinds, except chinese and canto..and er..okay just english and japanese for now, instrumentals are fine, i dont go into genres and brag that im a music man cause that is fucking nonsense, music is broad, and you dont appreciate it unless you are willing to listen to all kinds...yes, im targetting you fuckface from my class..you...are NO musician so FUCK YOU

yep thats about it XDDD
food, games, hot girls, hot guys, manga, more food, more games, more outings, naps, non o*** anime, outings, slacking, tv